How to Pass a Drug Test

Facing a drug test can be stressful, especially if you have to pass it for the first time. However, if you are fully informed on how to pass a drug test, you will increase your odds of passing your test to the highest degree possible.

Urine Drug Test

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  1. My fiance found out he had to pass a drug test to get a new job on a Thursday, & it is a good job. Needless to say he smokes everyday and did not stop. Convinced he would fail I set out to see if there was a way we could “cheat” the drug test.

    I knew in the back of my mind if we could dilute the test enough they would just have him retake it & at that point we would know what lab they tested through, if they observed or not & how to proceed from there.

    Turns out it was a 10 panel urine test through quest. So I knew it would be hard.

    After reading a little bit it looked like they checked for color, creatine & electrolytes (specific gravity & color & what not) to see if the test was diluted or not. So I set out to see if there was a way to falsify this.

    Turns out you should take about 1000 to 3000 mg of creatine to replace the creatinine. I had him take 3000. (We used Walmart’s brand, Six Star Elite Series Creatine X3 Micronized Creatine Pills, Muscle Builder & Recovery.) 2 B complexes to make sure the urine looks yellow. & then there’s something about zinc that actually masks the fact that there’s even drugs at all in the urine. So he took 50 mg of this. (This wasn’t part of the initial recommendation but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it out, at the very worst it would just help boost his immune system.) We used spring valley, Walmart’s brand for both of these. And then to top it all off I had him drink an entire thing of Pedialyte. He chose strawberry to make it more palatable. All in all he maybe spent 30 bucks max instead of 75-100 on a drink that may or may not work, so we were happy about that. & if it didn’t work, we’ll hey now we both had vitamins in the house that we could both take.

    Now he didn’t have a specific time that he had to be there to take the test, he just had to be there by 4:30. Now with any drug test you shouldn’t use your first morning pee as it’s going to be the most concentrated, so that was a plus right there. So from the time he woke up I had him start drinking a ton, and I mean a ton of water. He went through about 8-10 bottles by two o clock (this is when he decided he was going to go & take the test.)

    At about 10:15 I made him eat breakfast, (I had read that creatine on an empty stomach could make you feel uncomfortable and bloated & also the same effect if taking much more than 3000 mg), he wasn’t that hungry so he just had some dry Cereal. At 11, so three hours before the test I had him take the creatine. At 12, so now 2 hours before the test I had him take the b complex and zinc. And about 1, so I hour before the test I had him start drinking the Pedialyte, to be finished with it by 2 o clock.

    I made him pee right before we got to the place & then instructed him to ask for something to drink while he was there and tell them that he was having a hard time going. Generally these places allow you to have anywhere from 1-3 cups before. I also told him when he finally did take the test, not to use the beginning part of his pee because that’s when the drugs are most concentrated. Needless to say he took the test & we crossed our fingers.

    We were supposed to find out by that following Monday if he passed & got the job or not, no call. He was devastated. “Man, I really fucked this opportunity up and I have no one to blame but myself. Thank you for trying though.” He said. He had even gone to the va that morning & he failed the drug test there. (They test you everytime you go) so he was convinced he failed at this drug test too. I felt horrible, like I had failed him. That I had researched so much and something had to of worked but what was it?

    Anyway they ended up calling him Tuesday & offering him the position. I was so happy for him & proud of myself for having figured this all out & he was so elated too.

    Now I’ve read that this won’t work for everyone. But it did work for him. It’s not expensive & worst case scenario is that it’s to diluted, you have to retake the test but at least you’ll know where, what kind & if they observe you or not, so you can go from there. And you’ll also have new vitamins to take lol.

    Please feel free to ask any questions. I am so pleased I found something that works. Google creatine & b12 on drug tests. There are lots of articles and forums out there that you can read. I just wanted to share my experience precisely because I had such a hard time finding something that says hey this actually worked for me & here’s precisely how I did it that maybe the next person won’t have such a hard time.

    Thank you.


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